ZalakaWala – Electric Jams Vol. 1

1. One – This opening track got started already in 1999. The strings theme appears four times during the song, but always in different form, evolving into longer phrases.

2. Bialystok – The bass riff is the second thing I made on my brand new Tandberg reel-to-reel tape recorder in 1975, and it’s been annoying me since then. Good to finally get it out of my system.

3. Apparatus 2 – The time signature is a bit odd, but fun to play guitar onto. Didn’t touch one for decades, until a few years back, when I deeply fell in love with electric guitars again. And lately, the whammy bar.

4. Consequences – This one has a simple story: an artificial sentient investigating humanity comes to an obvious conclusion – there must be dire consequences. And then freaks out. HAL meets Japanese garage? I dunno…

5. Glamorous Pt. 1 – I enjoy playing my own stuff on guitar, but I had even more fun playing bass on couple of these tracks. Especially on this glamjam.

6. Blues for a Half-Vulcan – Like the title implies, with a minimal amount of human emotion. Holodeck IR.  In all its weird simplicity, my favorite.

7. Glamorous Pt. 2 – Themes that were introduced in Pt. 1, but now in prog surroundings. Obligatory flanger ending.

8. To the Rescue – Silly little rock riff with some cute Hammond B3 clichés.

9. So Sorry, Mr. Paul – A twisted little hommage to Les Paul, one of my heroes. For practical reasons I just happened to use a Fender – hence the title.

10. Pointlessness R – Just a chord sequence I made up as a teenager at my grandparents’ summer house. Haven’t been there in decades. But visit it every night.